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Young Entrepreneur in Dothan Raising Funds for his Dream Desktop

DOTHAN, AL (WDNews) – In a heartwarming display of determination and entrepreneurial spirit, 11-year-old Haystin Mallory is on a mission. Stationed at the 1000 block of S. Bell St., Haystin has set up a small stand selling lemonade, Gatorade, brownies, and homemade cookies. His goal? To raise $1,000 to buy himself a desktop computer.

Haystin’s stand “The To Go Stand” is open every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from noon to 5 p.m., with occasional weekend hours. Despite his young age, Haystin is already seeing a flow of customers, some of whom have even made small donations to help him reach his target goal.

Jamie Mallory, Haystin’s Stepmother, shared her son’s motivation, explaining, “He wants the desktop PC because he wants to find ways to become successful and help take care of his family.”

Haystin’s enthusiasm is refreshing,  especially since he is a little on the shy side. “I’m really excited and want people to see what I’m doing,” he said with a smile. His small business accepts cash, PayPal, and CashApp payments, making it easy for anyone to contribute. I can say, I definitely enjoyed my homemade rice Krispy treat.

For more information or to support Haystin’s goal, you can contact 850-296-4967 or donate via PayPal at $JamieFayeMallory. Stop by and enjoy a treat while supporting a young boy’s dream!

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