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Dothan City Schools Honors Evelyn Parker as May Employee of the Month

DOTHAN, Ala. –(WDNews) At the May meeting of the Dothan City Board of Education, Dothan City Schools (DCS) proudly recognized Evelyn Parker of Carver 9th Grade Academy as the May Employee of the Month.

Parker, who has dedicated 23 years to Dothan City Schools, serves as the Assistant Principal at Carver 9th Grade Academy. She was nominated by Principal Todd Mitchell, who praised her for her unwavering commitment and ability to handle every situation with grace and positivity.

“Mrs. Parker is a tireless educator who has a mission to impact students in all areas. Each day she works intentionally to make sure the needs of the entire child is met so that learning can be maximized. She starts each day welcoming students and parents at carline where she has upbeat music, a friendly smile and wave, setting the expectation of the day. The first energy students and parents see is a friendly and upbeat reminder of what they can expect to encounter each day at Carver 9.”

In honor of her outstanding contributions, Parker received a commemorative plaque and a gift certificate to The Cellar, a popular local restaurant.

“Leaders are expected to set the tone, climate and culture of a building. However, oftentimes this is overlooked and taken for granted. At Carver 9, Mrs. Parker leads by example each day on how to bring the correct energy into all interactions and spaces. She partners with our staff, students, parents, and stakeholders to model what positive behavior is expected to be and should look like through all situations, even when negative situations arise, her energy remains the same, which is pivotal to a positive climate and culture.”