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Dive into Nostalgia: Airheads Introduces Underwater Vending Machines to Boost Adult Pool Fun

Just in Time for Summer, Airheads creates candy-launching Underwater Vending Machine for sale for $7,000 that is designed to get adults back in the pool

National – (WDNews) For many adults, the taste of an Airheads candy bar brings back memories of summer breaks spent at the pool, where they played in the water until their hands and feet turned pruney. However, times have changed, and a recent survey shows that nearly three-quarters of adults don’t swim as much as they did when they were kids.

Airheads is on a mission to change that. This summer, the candy company is launching an innovative Underwater Vending Machine, designed to bring fun back to the pool. This first-of-its-kind machine dispenses Airheads candy while submerged in up to eight feet of water. It features an air propulsion system to launch candy bars and doesn’t require money—instead, it takes fun in exchange for Airheads.

For those eager to join Airheads in their quest to get adults back in the water, a limited number of these Underwater Vending Machines are available for purchase at $7,000 each. The price includes a lifetime supply of Airheads. Sales begin on Memorial Day (May 27), marking the official start of pool season, and will continue while supplies last. To learn more, visit www.AirheadsSummer.com.