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Severe Weather Expected in Wiregrass Area This Weekend

Wiregrass – (WDNews) Southeast Alabama and Northern Florida Panhandle Brace for Damaging Winds, Hail, and Possible Tornadoes

Starting this afternoon and continuing through Saturday night, the Wiregrass area is set to experience several rounds of severe weather, with damaging winds and large hail as the primary threats. There is also a slight risk of tornadoes, particularly today, though this risk will diminish somewhat by Saturday.

A slight (level 2 of 5) risk of severe storms persists through Saturday night. The first wave of storms is expected to hit this afternoon, primarily affecting southeast Alabama and the northern Florida Panhandle. As showers and storms increase around noon CT, the severe threat will escalate into the early evening. While storm activity may become more isolated overnight, it won’t disappear entirely.

Saturday’s severe weather risk shifts further east. However, predicting the exact timing and intensity remains challenging due to potential early morning storms moving in from the west, which could influence later storm development. Scattered storms are expected throughout the day, increasing in intensity by the evening.

Both days’ storms will pose a threat of damaging winds and large hail. While tornadoes are possible, the likelihood is expected to be lower on Saturday compared to Friday. Heavy rain could also lead to flash flooding in some areas, with a slight (level 2 of 4) risk of excessive rainfall forecasted for today and Saturday, especially west of the Apalachicola and Flint Rivers. Most areas can expect 1 to 3 inches of rain, with localized spots potentially seeing up to 5 inches.

Residents are urged to stay weather-aware and have multiple ways to receive warnings.