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Alabama Lawmakers Unanimously Pass “Teachers’ Bill of Rights”

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Alabama – (WDNews) Alabama lawmakers have unanimously approved SB157, dubbed the “Teachers’ Bill of Rights,” in both chambers on Tuesday. The bill now awaits Governor Kay Ivey’s signature to become law.

The legislation mandates that schools take decisive action when a student disrupts a class to the extent that the teacher is compelled to remove the student. Under the new law, before the student can rejoin the teacher’s class, the principal must provide written notification detailing the disciplinary measures taken.

Advocated by the Alabama Education Association, the bill addresses concerns about the safety and well-being of educators in the classroom. The association highlighted instances of physical and verbal abuse endured by teachers and education staff, emphasizing the need for stronger measures to protect them. They expressed dissatisfaction with previous instances where little or no action was taken against disruptive students by school authorities.