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Tornado Levels Barnsdall, Oklahoma: One Fatality Reported

Barnsdall, OK – (WDNews) Barnsdall, a town north of Tulsa, faced devastation as a tornado struck around 9:30 p.m. According to the National Weather Service, the tornado was initially rated EF-3 or higher on the Enhanced Fujita Scale.

Mayor Johnny Kelley confirmed one fatality and up to eight injuries, with a possible one or two individuals still missing.

The Tulsa Fire Department is conducting a search for the missing persons. Mayor Kelley praised the town’s weather awareness, which likely prevented further harm. However, the tornado severely impacted the electrical system and destroyed the main water distribution line.

Governor Kevin Stitt plans to visit Barnsdall on Tuesday afternoon to oversee recovery efforts and allocate resources. The Oklahoma Highway Patrol reported damage to 30 to 40 homes in the area, with about 25 people, including children, rescued from collapsed buildings.