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Enterprise Queens Honored by City Council

ENTERPRISE, Ala. –  (WDNews) Mayor William E. Cooper and the Enterprise City Council took a moment during Tuesday’s meeting to recognize the 2024 Enterprise Queens. The ceremony celebrated the achievements of six remarkable young ladies representing different age groups in the community.

Miss Enterprise, Hannah Wood; Teen Miss Enterprise, Adalynne Adkinson; Junior Miss Enterprise, Rileigh Scarlett; Petite Miss Enterprise, Jaliyah Leverette; Little Miss Enterprise, Raelynn Gilley; and Future Little Miss Enterprise, Bella Litherland, were each awarded a pin featuring the city seal in honor of their titles.

“We are proud to have these young ladies represent the City of Enterprise over the next year,” Mayor Cooper expressed. “From diverse backgrounds, these Queens bring a variety of talents and interests to the table, ranging from small business ownership to participation in sports, dance, and music.”

The Enterprise Queens, crowned on March 17 by the Altrusa Club during the annual pageant, will serve as ambassadors for the city at various events throughout the year. Their duties include attending gatherings like the upcoming Peak Season Kickoff at the Farmers Market and participating in ribbon cuttings welcoming new businesses to the City of Progress.

Moreover, both Wood and Gilley are set to represent Enterprise in the National Peanut Pageant scheduled for this fall, showcasing the community’s vibrant spirit on a broader stage.