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Man Arrested After Chasing Victim with Vehicle and Ramming her Vehicle Several Times; Man Ends up Flipping Own Vehicle

Dothan – (WDNews) In a recent incident, Keith Shedrick Pullin, 35, of Dothan, was apprehended by Dothan Police. The arrest followed an alarming altercation where Pullin allegedly used his vehicle to forcefully stop the victim’s vehicle.

The event unfolded late in the night on May 2, 2024, when authorities responded to a vehicle collision report in the 1100 block of East Newton Street. Initial investigations revealed that the confrontation started at Plum Lounge on Montgomery Highway.

According to Lt. Owens with the Dothan Police Department, the victim, who had a prior relationship with Pullin, was at Plum Lounge to pick up a friend. A heated argument ensued between the victim and Pullin, prompting the victim to hastily retreat with her friend to her vehicle.

Pullin, determined to confront the victim, pursued her vehicle and resorted to ramming it multiple times in an attempt to force her to stop. The vehicular chase ultimately ended in Pullin’s vehicle overturning after the final collision.

While Pullin was transported to a local hospital for medical attention, the victim and her friend were assessed for injuries at the scene. Later investigations, aided by surveillance footage at the intersection of North Oates and West Powell Street, corroborated the victim’s account.

Upon his discharge from the hospital, Lt. Owens reports Pullin was arrested and charged with Attempted Domestic Violence 1st degree and Assault 1st degree. He is currently held at the Houston County Jail on a $60,000 bond.