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Alabama’s New Law Cracks Down on Squatters Taking over your Properties

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Alabama – (WDNews) Governor Kay Ivey of Alabama took a decisive stand against squatters on Monday, signing House Bill 182 into law. Sponsored by Rep. Craig Lipscomb, the bill aims to bolster homeowners’ rights and combat the illegal occupation of private property.

“It has been said that a person’s home is their castle, yet after a national rise in illegal occupations of homeowner’s private property, it is apparent that more must be done to halt criminals from commandeering people’s homes,” remarked Governor Ivey, highlighting the urgency of the situation.

Under the new law, stiff penalties will be imposed for falsifying real estate documents. Additionally, a streamlined process, overseen by local law enforcement, will swiftly evict unauthorized occupants from dwellings.

“In Alabama, private property rights are paramount,” emphasized Governor Ivey. “This new law puts would-be squatters on notice that any attempt to hijack and take over someone’s home will be met with swift action by law enforcement.”

Effective June 1, the legislation aims to ensure that all Alabama homeowners’ rights are fully protected, sending a clear message that the best dwelling for an illegal squatter is a jail cell.