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Heroic Pea River Rescue Saves Injured Tubing Man

Elba, Ala – (WDNews) In a dramatic river rescue, Elba Fire Department and New Brockton Volunteer Fire Department joined forces to save a male tuber with a severe foot laceration on the Pea River, north of Weeks Bridge, yesterday afternoon.

At 3:15 pm, emergency responders were alerted to reports of the injured individual at risk of losing consciousness due to the severity of the injury. Despite initial challenges launching rescue boats, a coordinated effort ensued.

The Coffee County Highway Department swiftly cleared the boat ramp for safe access. Firefighters and paramedics navigated upstream to reach the stranded tuber.

Prompt medical intervention was initiated upon locating the injured party, with vital whole blood products administered en route to stabilize the patient.

The successful collaboration between agencies underscored community support and emergency response capabilities. From Coffee County 911 dispatchers to the Coffee County Sheriff’s Office, each played a pivotal role in ensuring a swift and effective rescue operation.

With the injured individual safely transported to a local trauma facility, the incident serves as a testament to the dedication and professionalism of local emergency responders.