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STD/HIV Home Testing Kits Now Available by Mail for All Alabama Residents

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Dothan – (WDNews) In a significant step towards improving access to sexual health resources, Alabama residents now have the convenience of ordering STD/HIV home specimen collection and laboratory testing kits by mail. This service is also extended to individuals undergoing PrEP therapy, a preventive measure against HIV.

Ordering Process Simplified

To request a testing kit, individuals can easily navigate to https://adph.mybinxhealth.comhttps://adph.mybinxhealth.com and set up an account. This streamlined process ensures swift access to the kits, which can be ordered at the convenience of the user.

Available Test Combinations

Alabama residents and designated individuals on PrEP therapy can choose from three different home test combinations:

1. Chlamydia/Gonorrhea (single-site), Syphilis, and HIV

2. Chlamydia/Gonorrhea (triple-site), Syphilis, and HIV

3. Chlamydia/Gonorrhea (triple-site), Syphilis, HIV, and Creatinine

The third combination is exclusively for individuals enrolled in PrEP, enhancing their monitoring capabilities.

Frequency of Testing

Each person is eligible to request one test every three months, ensuring regular monitoring and timely intervention if necessary.

Promoting Sexual Health

By making these testing kits readily available, the Alabama Department of Public Health aims to promote sexual health awareness and encourage proactive measures in disease prevention. This initiative underscores the importance of regular testing and early detection in combating the spread of STDs and HIV within the community.