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Enterprise Firefighters Receive Shift Excellence Award

Enterprise – (WDNews) Three dedicated firefighters from the Enterprise Fire Department were celebrated at the First Responders Appreciation Dinner, where they were presented with the prestigious “Enterprise Fire Department Shift Excellence Award.” The deserving recipients, Samuel Voska, Michael Rogers, and Addison Hudson, were honored for their outstanding contributions to the department.

Samuel Voska, who joined the department in September 2021, was lauded for his remarkable patience and wise decision-making during challenging emergencies. Michael Rogers, a seasoned firefighter with a tenure since July 2016, was praised for his unwavering dedication, courageous acts, and impeccable conduct.

Addison Hudson, a newer member who began in August 2022, impressed with his proactive approach to training and development, demonstrating a commitment to enhancing skills and readiness.

The awards, presented by Enterprise Fire Chief Christopher Davis, along with District Attorney James Tarbox and Assistant District Attorney Jeremy Mitchell, underscored the importance of recognizing excellence within the firefighting community.

In addition to honoring these outstanding firefighters, the event also extended appreciation to members of the Enterprise Police Department and Coffee County Sheriff’s Office for their invaluable service and dedication to the community’s safety.