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Alabama Legislature Advances Gambling Bills for Voter Consideration

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Alabama – (WDNews) In a significant move, a conference committee within the Alabama Legislature has given the green light to two bills, HB 151 and HB 152, with the potential to introduce a lottery and various forms of gambling across the state.

Should these bills pass through the legislature, the public will have their say in a special election scheduled for August 20th, where voters will decide on the fate of a potential lottery and other gaming options.

HB 151, a proposed amendment to the Alabama Constitution, focuses on establishing The Alabama Education Lottery, aimed at bolstering educational initiatives within the state. This amendment encompasses provisions for electronic games of chance, traditional raffles, and paper bingo, while expressly prohibiting other forms of gambling, including contentious topics like sports betting and table games like poker and blackjack.

Furthermore, HB 151 outlines specific locations for electronic gaming, earmarking racetracks in Green, Jefferson, Macon, and Mobile Counties, along with bingo halls in Green, Houston, and Lowndes Counties. Revenue generated from the lottery will be channeled directly into educational endeavors, including scholarships, research funding, and retirement bonuses for teachers, while proceeds from other forms of gambling will contribute to the State General Fund’s annual supplemental appropriation.

This development marks a significant step forward in the ongoing debate surrounding gambling legislation in Alabama, with stakeholders eagerly anticipating the public’s verdict come August.