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Alleged Fraud Uncovered in City of Montgomery: Employee Faces Charges

By:Sharla Fletcher/WDNews/April 29,2024/8:30P.M CDT

Montgomery- (WDnews) Michael Granger Hicks finds himself at the center of controversy as allegations of insurance fraud surface, following an investigation by the Attorney General’s Office. Hicks, an employee of a third-party vendor for the City of Montgomery, was implicated in the alleged theft of city funds, amounting to a staggering $410,000.

The city promptly issued a statement acknowledging the situation, affirming full cooperation with the Attorney General’s Office throughout the investigation. Thankfully, no city employee or retiree suffered any financial impact due to the alleged theft. In response to the incident, the city’s Risk Management team has implemented additional safeguards to protect city funds.

Hicks, who has since posted bail set at $50,000, now faces six counts of insurance fraud. While court documents do not provide specifics regarding the time or method of the alleged theft, the severity of the charges underscores the gravity of the situation.

City officials, though not delving into specifics about Hicks’s role, emphasize their commitment to transparency and accountability in addressing the matter. As the legal proceedings unfold, the community awaits further developments, mindful of the importance of upholding integrity and trust in municipal affairs.