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New scam warning from the BBB about malicious tagging on Facebook

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By Aajene Robinson Published: Apr. 25, 2024 at 10:07 PM CDT|Updated: 13 hours ago

SHELBY COUNTY, Ala. (WBRC) – A new scam warning from the BBB – they are seeing a rise in malicious tagging on Facebook.

The BBB said scammers are looking for your personal information to steal your identity.

The BBB says these are Facebook scammers that hack into your account and make posts like “it won’t be the same without him” or “I can’t believe he is gone.” Then there’s a link to a video or an article but it’s actually a scam.

The BBB says scammers will also tag people in the post trying to trick your friends into clicking the link or commenting, so they can hack them next.

For the scammers, it’s all about gathering information to eventually steal someone’s identity, bank or credit card information.

If this happens to you, the BBB said: “I would suggest you immediately change your password and the person who owns the account should immediately post on their on their social media, that hey, I’ve obviously been scammed, and this message is not true. And help all the people who may see it understand that it’s not a truthful message.”

The BBB says it’s important that you update and change your password on a regular basis and if you can’t get back into your account, contact the social media vendor to reset your password and report the scam to the BBB.