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Important Update: Alabama House Committee Advances Bill on Parental Responsibility for Unsecured Guns

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The Alabama House Judiciary Committee took a significant step forward on Wednesday, greenlighting a bill designed to hold parents accountable if their child brings an unsecured firearm to school. Sponsored by Rep. Barbara Drummond of D-Mobile, HB414 underscores the importance of responsible gun storage in households with minors.

The proposed legislation mandates that parents or legal guardians must store firearms in a manner that reasonably prevents unauthorized access by minors. This includes using trigger locks, locked boxes, or gun safes requiring keys, combinations, or fingerprints for access.

Under the bill’s provisions, a parent failing to secure a firearm could face a Class A misdemeanor charge if their child brings the weapon to school. However, Drummond clarified that if the gun was properly secured, such as with a trigger lock, the parent wouldn’t be liable.

The committee’s decision wasn’t unanimous, with some members expressing opposition. Nonetheless, the bill moves closer to consideration by the full House, potentially coming up for review as early as next week. Stay tuned for further updates on this developing story.