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DoorDash and Walgreens Partner to Accept SNAP/EBT Payments Nationwide

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DoorDash and Walgreens have joined forces to make shopping easier for SNAP customers across the United States. Through this collaboration, nearly 7,800 Walgreens stores will now accept SNAP/EBT payments directly through the DoorDash platform, marking a significant milestone in expanding access to essential goods.

This partnership makes DoorDash the first platform to enable SNAP customers to use their benefits at Walgreens, and DoorDash is also the first third-party delivery service provider to offer SNAP/EBT as a payment option at a major drugstore chain nationwide. With this move, DoorDash effectively doubles the number of stores available for on-demand delivery with SNAP/EBT payments.

Fuad Hannon, VP of New Verticals at DoorDash, highlighted the impact of this collaboration, stating that since DoorDash introduced support for SNAP/EBT payments in 2023, over 1.1 million consumers have added their cards to the platform. This partnership with Walgreens aims to provide convenient access to food and pantry essentials.

Walgreens will offer more than 4,000 SNAP-eligible products for delivery within an hour on the DoorDash platform, ensuring that shoppers can access essential grocery items at their convenience. Balachandra Visalatha, SVP and Chief Product Officer at Walgreens, emphasized the significance of this collaboration.