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Suspect Arrested Following Sex Crime Report in Washington County

On April 19, 2024, a distress call to the Washington County Sheriff’s Office setting off a swift response from law enforcement. At around 2:30 am, a female caller sought help, indicating she was injured and seeking refuge by hiding in a bathroom.

Responding quickly, deputies and investigators made their way to a residence along Pine Log Road, where they encountered the caller and delved deeper into the distressing situation. TTheir investigation uncovered the troubling reality of a sex crime having taken place.

Following a meticulous investigation, authorities identified and apprehended 43-year-old Joseph Michael LaBarron. He now faces charges of Lewd & Lascivious Battery, particularly alarming as it pertains to a disabled individual.

The swift action and thorough investigation by the Washington County Sheriff’s Office underscore their commitment to ensuring safety and justice within the community.