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Senate Passes $95 Billion Aid Package for Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan

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In a significant bipartisan move, the Senate approved a $95 billion aid package on Tuesday, aimed at providing crucial support to Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan. The long-awaited package garnered wide support from both sides of Capitol Hill, marking a rare moment of unity amidst months of deliberation.

With a final vote of 79-18, the bill received substantial backing, although it faced dissent from a minority. Notably, fifteen Republicans joined three Democrats in opposing the bill, while a majority of forty-eight Democrats and thirty-one Republicans supported its passage.

The comprehensive legislation combines four separate bills previously voted on by the House during an unusual Saturday session. It allocates nearly $61 billion in aid for Ukraine, over $26 billion for Israel, and more than $8 billion for the Indo-Pacific region.

The bill now awaits President Joe Biden’s signature, with the President expressing his intention to sign the package into law on Wednesday. This timely action underscores a concerted effort to address pressing international concerns and deliver vital assistance to strategic partners.