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# 1 Problem Facing Kids Today

a couple of girls cleaning the ground

In a stark revelation, UNICEF has highlighted the profound impact of poverty on children worldwide, with approximately 333 million youngsters trapped in extreme poverty. Despite comprising only one-third of the global population, these children bear the brunt of deprivation, accounting for half of those subsisting on less than $2.15 daily.

The ramifications of poverty extend far beyond economic hardship, permeating every facet of a child’s existence. From compromised health to limited access to fundamental necessities like clean water and nourishment, the specter of poverty casts a long shadow over their lives. Education, often considered the ladder out of destitution, is also jeopardized, hindering their prospects for a brighter future.

Tragically, poverty renders children more susceptible to premature mortality, underscoring the urgent need for comprehensive intervention. As the world grapples with this daunting challenge, efforts to uplift vulnerable children must remain steadfast, ensuring their right to a dignified life is upheld.