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Get Ready: Atlantic Hurricane Season could be Record Breaking

Forecasters predict a super-charged hurricane season in the Atlantic this year, possibly leading to a record-breaking number of storms. With signs pointing to an early start before June 1, experts advise preparing for a turbulent year ahead.

AccuWeather’s lead hurricane forecaster, Alex DaSilva, warns of an above-average number of tropical storms, hurricanes, and major hurricanes. Last season saw 19 named storms, but only four directly impacted the U.S., including Hurricane Idalia, which struck Florida as a powerful Category 3. Southern Texas and North Carolina also felt the effects of tropical storms, with one even reaching Nova Scotia, Canada.

AccuWeather meteorologists are forecasting 20 – 25 named storms in the Atlantic 2024, with 4 – 6 being direct impacts to the U.S.

Warm water is fuel to Tropical systems and there will be plenty of that for systems to tap into to strengthen. It’s never to early to prepare that hurricane kit.