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April recognized as ‘Month of the Military Child” in Enterprise, AL

ENTERPRISE, Ala.- Brave, fearless and resilient.

Wednesday morning Mayor William E. Cooper signed a proclamation declaring April as “Month of the Military Child” in the City of Enterprise. “Because of their service, commitment, and sacrifice to supporting the Army’s mission, it is important to honor and celebrate our military’s youngest heroes, Cooper said while surrounded by representatives from Fort Novosel and the community.

The Month of the Military Child, part of the legacy of former Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger, was established in 1986. The Department of Defense celebrates military children each April and notes that more than 1.6 million military children face unique challenges and experiences as a result of their parents’ service.

“They are equipped to adapt to present and future changes, such as permanent changes of station, deployments, reintegration, care of their wounded warrior parent or coping with the loss of a fallen parent,” Cooper said. “Through each new step in life, they always remain ready and resilient.

Cooper also recognized the relationship between Fort Novosel and Enterprise and the goal of ensuring the success of the military children.

“We are committed to maintaining excellence in schools, youth services and childcare to ensure that families always receive the best programming, no matter where their next adventure takes them.