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All In Credit Union Launching Student Branch in Rehobeth

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All In Credit Union is set to open a student branch in Rehobeth, marking a significant milestone as the town’s first financial institution.

Scheduled to debut before the upcoming 2024-2025 school year, the branch aims to empower Rehobeth High School students by providing hands-on training and employment opportunities, fostering crucial workforce skills.

This initiative aligns with the town’s vision of equipping graduates with essential skills for success in their careers.

Rehobeth joins G.W. Long High School in Skipperville as the second Wiregrass high school to partner with All In Credit Union for a student branch.

The branch will be situated at 227 Malvern Road, strategically positioned between Town Hall and the fire station, enhancing accessibility for residents and students alike. This initiative represents a collaborative effort to empower the next generation and strengthen economic opportunities in Rehobeth.