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Enterprise Hires Firm to Improve Wayfinding Signage


City staff recommends plan for new wayfinding signage

ENTERPRISE, Ala. – At the direction of Enterprise City Council, city staff hired a
firm to develop a plan to improve wayfinding signage around Enterprise to help
people easily navigate to specific destinations.

Arnett Muldrow & Associates was hired by the city in April 2023. Representatives
from the South Carolina based company came to Enterprise in May to scout the
area and create recommendations.
City staff Tuesday presented recommendations to Enterprise City Council, which
includes a three-phase implementation approach: budget $145,000 for Phase
One in Fiscal Year 2025, budget $275,000 for Fiscal Year 2026, and budget
$140,000 for Fiscal Year 2027. The total cost of the project is $560,000, including
signage and installation.

Billy Powell, Director of Community Services and Recreation, said the project will
be put out for bid and the installation will be completed in-house through city
workforce. Phase One includes more than a dozen signs deemed by Arnett
Muldrow & Associates and city staff to be of the highest priority.

“The new city-wide wayfinding signage will have a different look and include
bigger signage that is designed for high speed and smaller signage for low
speed,” Powell said. “There are different sizes recommended and research to
back it up to make sure these signs are as effective as possible.”

New directional signage will also be incorporated downtown as part of the overall
“It is important for all visitors to Enterprise to know where they are going and
these signs should help make their visit an overall better experience,” Tammy
Doerer, Director for Community Relations and Tourism said. “Our hope is that
people will utilize these signs for not only their initial destination but encourage
them to visit other sites around our city as well.”