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Dothan Cyber Sting Successful Targeting Juvenile Sex Predators

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11 Men Arrested in Dothan Cyber Sting Targeting Juvenile Sex Predators

Over the weekend of March 21st and 22nd, 2024, the Dothan Police Department, working alongside the Covenant Rescue Group (CRG), successfully carried out an online chat operation resulting in the arrest of 11 men. The operation, conducted at a confidential location in Dothan, Alabama, aimed to catch individuals seeking illegal sexual activities, particularly targeting minors.

Covenant Rescue Group, an organization dedicated to aiding law enforcement in child exploitation and human trafficking cases, provided crucial support for the operation. Through online conversations initiated by law enforcement, suspects were lured into attempting to meet underage juveniles for unlawful sexual encounters.

Out of numerous conversations held during the operation, 11 individuals engaged and agreed to meet, leading to their immediate arrest. The charges brought against them include a total of 37 felony charges and 2 misdemeanors, ranging from Human Trafficking 1st degree to Electronic Solicitation of a child and traveling to meet a child for unlawful sexual acts.

The arrested individuals are identified as follows: Judah Jabez (19), Jeremy Alexander Critten (32), Jermaine Sanquil Smith (32), Kyle Leander Nelson (35), Chatwarong Srithanat (29), Thomas Dewey Fye (60), Scott Evans Anderson (63), Ray Charles Reed Jr. (40), Justin Lloyd Billings (34), Carey Jamal Wright (33), and Gilberto Roman Reyes (35).

This operation underscores the ongoing efforts of law enforcement and supporting organizations in combating online sexual exploitation and ensuring the safety of minors in digital spaces. Authorities urge the public to remain vigilant and report any suspicious online activities involving the potential exploitation of minors.