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Abbeville Police Press Release: Attempted Murder


Abbeville Police Department Press Release –

On Thursday, March 21, 2024, at 11:21 pm, the Abbeville Police Department received a report of a shooting that occurred at a local motel. Upon arrival at the scene, officers found one victim who sustained an injury to his upper left arm.

Three suspects drove up to the motel exited the vehicle went inside and went to a room for approximately 20 minutes. Two of the three suspects exited the hotel to return to the vehicle. They drove to the back side of the parking lot near the exit. The victim drives into and around the parking lot, and then parks near the front entrance of the motel.

Upon him exiting the vehicle one of the suspects fires approximately 15 rounds toward the victim at the front entrance of the motel. This resulted in 1 round striking the victim in the upper left arm, barely missing the victim’s girlfriend and the motel manager. The gunfire resulted in extensive damage to the motel and two vehicles parked near the front entrance receiving multiple gunshot holes.

The Abbeville Police Department is currently looking for the 3 occupants of a Burgundy 2022 Dodge Charger with License plate Number THX8621.

The 3 subjects will be charged with 3 counts of Attempted Murder