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Altercation over Relationship Dispute Leads to Violent Encounter in Dothan

On March 18, 2024, a disturbing incident unfolded in Dothan as police responded to a residence on Aberdeen Drive. The altercation stemmed from a dispute over a relationship, escalating into a violent encounter resulting in charges against one individual.

Dothan Police Officers swiftly arrived at the scene following reports of a pedestrian struck by a vehicle. Upon investigation, it was revealed that the suspect, identified as Nakeima Thomas, a 25-year-old resident of Dothan, had engaged in a previous disagreement with the victim regarding a relationship with a mutual acquaintance.

The situation took a dangerous turn when Thomas, on the day of the incident, drove to the victim’s residence with the intention to continue the altercation. As the victim came out of the residence, Thomas accelerated her vehicle, deliberately striking the victim and propelling them into nearby bushes.

However, Thomas’s attempt to flee the scene was foiled when her vehicle became stuck in the mud. Undeterred, she exited her vehicle, forcibly entered the victim’s vehicle, stole the keys, and discarded them in an undisclosed location. To further intensify the situation, Thomas resorted to striking the victim’s vehicle with a piece of wood, causing substantial damage.

Subsequently, Thomas was apprehended and charged with Attempted Assault in the 1st degree and Unlawful Breaking and Entering of a Motor Vehicle.

Fortunately, the victim escaped serious injury and was cared for at the scene by Dothan Fire Medics.