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Historic Ban on Asbestos Usage in the US

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The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced a significant move on Monday, marking a pivotal moment in environmental policy. The agency unveiled plans to prohibit ongoing uses of asbestos, citing its established association with various forms of cancer.

The ban, characterized by the EPA as “historic,” specifically targets chrysotile asbestos, the sole type of asbestos presently utilized or imported into the United States. This variant can be found in car components, such as, aftermarket automotive brakes and linings, alongside other vehicle friction products and gaskets.

Despite a gradual decrease in asbestos usage across the nation over recent decades, the EPA underscores the severity of its health implications. Asbestos exposure is attributed to over 40,000 fatalities in the US alone, according to the agency’s data.

This regulatory action shows a significant stride towards safeguarding public health and underscores the government’s commitment to prioritizing environmental protection initiatives.