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Houston County Commission Unveils Jail Expansion

a long hallway with a bunch of lockers in it

Dothan – In a recent Strategic Planning Review Session, the Houston County Commission unveiled a comprehensive five-year plan geared towards the renovation and expansion of the county jail. The current facility, with a capacity exceeding 300 inmates, struggles with overcrowding, often accommodating nearly 450 individuals.

Sheriff Donald Valenza expressed urgency regarding the expansion, citing years of requests for additional resources. “For 10 years, I’ve asked for pods to be dropped, and I’ve been denied,” stated Valenza, emphasizing the critical need to address the persistent issue of overcrowding.

The proposed expansion aims to alleviate the strain on the existing infrastructure and enhance the county’s capacity to manage its inmate population effectively. As the plan progresses, community stakeholders anticipate improved conditions within the Houston County detention system.