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Dothan Man Charged with Grand Theft

A Person's Hands on the Table Wearing Handcuffs

Randy Terrell Pressley of Dothan, finds himself behind bars after authorities in Jackson County charged him with a string of fraudulent activities. The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office responded to a local business on Feb. 21 following reports of a fraudulent check used to purchase a flatbed trailer. The business owner had a copy of the purported ID used during the transaction, dated back to December 2023.

Upon investigation, authorities discovered that the ID presented by Pressley didn’t belong to him; it was stolen from another individual.

Further digging revealed that Pressley had been using the stolen identity to make purchases in Dothan and even applied for a home loan in North Carolina under false pretenses.

Pressley’s fraudulent spree came to an end when the Jackson County Sherrifs Office secured a warrant for his arrest. He was promptly apprehended and now faces charges in Jackson County for grand theft exceeding $5,000, uttering a forged instrument, and criminal use of personal identification information.